Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shiny New Segment

hey all. Kress here
I sincerely hope that everyone's remaining days of 2007 are pleasantly drifting by. I, for one, will be glad to return to school and resume my life up north, but until then...
Upon some deliberation with the other Wilhelm gents, we made the democratic decision to start adding more content to our blog, so that we may lure more of the faceless masses sifting through the internet to us, much like the bird with the brightest feathers attracts more potential mates. Each of us is churning away on our own exciting and intoxicatingly hilarious segment to be posted on the blog at regular intervals in an attempt to add fuel to the fire of our collective comedic passion...
so open your mouth and close your eyes as i am about to spew forth my own comedic passion fuel, in a segment I like to call:

KRESStionable Behavior

Let's get right into it with everybody's favorite University president Mr. Mike Hogan. I have heard from a reliable source that Mr. Hogan has a parking spot on 24-hour reserve near Beach Hall. Not only that, but this parking space is not to be graced by any other Goodyears but his, as the "24-Hour Parking for President Hogan" sign in front of it flagrantly indicates.
Now, I can imagine the location of this parking space has some strategic value to our beloved prez, allowing him minimal travel time between his automobile and his various circular offices and ultimately minimal travel time between his home and those very same offices. I'm also aware that the duties of a president--moreover the duties of a university president--are many, and as such he is effectively on call for all 24 hours in the day. Should the need for his executive decision on a crucial matter arise at 3:45 in the morning, the last thing he should worry about is finding a spot in front of the building housing the big red button.
While I can recognize how having a designated 24 hour parking space could have some benefits for our collegiate commander in chief, i feel compelled to deem this behavior:

A bit KRESStionable

here's a man who, since his inauguration, has made it a point to get down on the student's level in an attempt to further reinforce the illusion of equality between students and their ivory tower administrative overlords. Call me crazy, but to my knowledge there isnt a person living and breathing on the university campus that has their own designated 24 hour parking spot. Seems to me like our good president hogan is being a jekyll and hyde president. Sure, he'll shake your hand and kiss your proverbial baby, but at the end of the day your ass is scrambling around X lot, trudging through rain and snow, while he's rolling into a sweet parking spot and enjoying prime rib and executive priveledge in a climate controlled circular office. Equality? Maybe that could pass for equality in Nam, mr. president, but here in america it looks like you're having your cake while simultaneously eating it.

How could president Hogan better himself and cease his KRESStionable ways, you ask?
My mindbrain can only think of but two options for our beloved prezzy prezzington.
The first route Hogey could take to restore his old mission of currying the student body's favor would be to 86' his paved private property and schlep like his loyal subjects. I officially challenge president Hogan to relinquish this one presidential perk and get to his office using the same means as the students. make a right turn out of your palatial estate's hillside driveway for a change, park up at W lot and stand shoulder to shoulder with the serfs. Ride a fucking bus, Hoges, and maybe you'll earn a little more respect from your people.
Another option for our boy is a more environmentally friendly one: cut out the gas-guzzling middleman. By my estimate, the distance between the front door of the presidential manor and the hallowed parking space is about a quarter of a mile. assuming president hogan travels to this parking space and back once a day for seven days a week he rakes in 1.75 miles per week, accruing just under 90 miles in a year, roughly the distance i travel, door to door, from my home in Norwalk to school in Storrs. If Hogey Hogey Hippos were to hang up his driving gloves and maybe telecommute, he would save natural resources, university funds, wear and tear on his car, AND a parking space outside of Beach Hall. Again, I may be crazy, but with such insanely economic alternatives to driving to work, Hogan is simply MAD for using such an analog means of getting shit done rather than investing 29.99 on a spongebob webcam and saving everybody, not the least of which being mother fucking earth.

well, i think i've spewed enough knowledge for one post. Thank you for reading the first edition of

KRESStionable Behavior

Next time on KRESStionable Behavior:
Wilhelm's Youtube videos have been seeing a horrific lack of views, so much so that a certain individual very close to Wilhelm has accumulated more views on just one youtube video than 100 times the combined number of views for ALL of our videos.
to add insult to injury, the video in question has to do with some seriously nasty and unfunny-by-comparison shit (no pun intended)
more on that next time...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wilhelm LIVE: Part 2 in a 3 Part Series

On Saturday December 1st, 9:05 PM on the Student Union Lobby Stage, Wilhelm performed 10 sketches for a pretty sizable crowd. It was fun, and honestly, it was the quickest 45 minutes of my life.

Reproduced here are the 5th, 6th, and 7th sketches of the night, filmed by Emily Tritsch. Enjoy!




We'll have the last three sketches up within the week. Enjoy your break. Also, you should probably join our Facebook Group if you really like us like us.

We love ewe,
Stephen Winchell

Friday, December 14, 2007

Wilhelm LIVE: Part 1 in a 3 Part Series

On Saturday December 1st, 9:05 PM on the Student Union Lobby Stage, Wilhelm performed 10 sketches for a pretty sizable crowd.

Reproduced here is the first 4 sketches, filmed by Emily Tritsch. Enjoy!





With some luck, we'll be able to get the rest of our set up here. We'll also need an external hard drive.

As always, we love you all. Show the love back! Join our Facebook Group to get up to the minute Wilhelm news and updates.

Take it to the streets,
Stephen Winchell

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Daily Campus Comics - Finals Edition

So the semester is finally over, and if you've been following my updates since September you know that it's been a doozy, especially for the Daily Campus comics page. We've had some laughs, some awkward pauses, and even some tender moments (mostly thanks to EggSalad). But all good things must come to an end.

Some comics are staying in the paper after the break. Some comics are finished and are never comic back, ever. I bet you can't wait to find out which ones are leaving.

Well, let's take a look.

Lucid TV, for all intents and purposes, doesn't seem to be going anywhere. This is a good thing because Lucid TV is wonderful.

Hell, these are repeats from last spring and they're still great.

Brothers Watt will, as far as I know, continue to be the resident "pretty-funny-but-way-too-much-like-Calvin-and-Hobbes" comic in the DC next semester. That's fine, I guess. Every college newspaper needs at least one.

It will also continue to make "kids don't get old technology" jokes, I'm sure. I don't know. Why do people assume all kids born in the past decade or so are space-age technobuffs who sleep in the Silicon Valley with their futuristic doo-hickeys? Has the Brother Watt depicted in the latter comic been sleeping in a cryogenic tube half his life?

Eh. Maybe I'm just getting old.

Pirates and Ninjas will probably still be around next semester and continue to be zany zany zany. I haven't posted this comic much because I don't really care about it. It's kinda that one comic you just automatically gloss over, without even reading it. It might as well be blank space. There's really nothing there.

Wow, playing a 47-year-old woman in a play is pretty embarrassing, huh? Jeez, what an awkward moment. I can say, though, that this comic gives us what could be one of the most frightening punchlines ever delivered. Look at the man standing behind our protagonist in the last panel - lurking in the shadows, his shirt half-unbuttoned, his crotch oddly accentuated, his speech bubble creeping jaggedly down the side of the panel. "I play a 47-year-old man every day."

Thank god there is no fourth panel.

In lighter news, Poor Richard will still be around. It's a cute comic.

I wish I had more to say about it.

Here's an interesting case. In the comment page of our last DC comics update, I was taken to task by a particularly vigilant reader for not going after Phil, accusing me of favoritism since Stephen Winchell, Phil's illustrator, is a member of Wilhelm as we all know. Now, I've always considered Phil out of bounds for these entries since I expected Winchell to make his own little post about it.

But he didn't. And do I like being accused of favoritism? No, no I don't.

So let me put it this way: Phil is a comic for chumps. I could draw a Phil in my sleep. Hell, I could improve it in my sleep. Just watch and learn:

And there you go. Two seconds.

Noted improvements include:
-Full blazing color
-Character development (Phil's blond friend, who desperately seeks Phil's approval; Phil himself, who we can now see is an albino)
-Bodies, dynamic movements, and teeth
-Easy-to-read font
-From the get-go, we know EXACTLY who Phil is
-Funny, observational jokes anyone can relate to

Winchell, consider this a gift. I don't give this kind of valuable criticism to just anybody. Take it into consideration for next semester.

Oh, wait... that's Franklin Pierce, isn't it? Shit. Forgo everything I just said.

Yessir, Effed Up will still be around to charm us with its incredibly busy art. Sage advice here, freshmen: don't daydream while studying. Books will sneak up on you, and murder you. Presumably.

Whatever, it's Effed Up, we all know what to expect.

FTW will probably still be around, and will probably still make no goddamned sense.

You know, in retrospect, FTW is kind of a wannabe Pirates and Ninjas, which in itself is kind of a wannabe Based on a True Story. Kinda like how Sgt. Pepper's was influenced by Pet Sounds, which in itself was influenced by Rubber Soul. Great artists inspire one another.

Speak of the devil...

Based On a True Story is gonna be... oh, ugh, God. Eww. Ahhh... ohhhgggg.

OK, listen, I'm no prude, but I don't want to see the cast of Based On a True Story engaging in any kind of vaguely sexual activity. Ever. I mean, at least from a comic like Freshmen 15 I EXPECT to be thoroughly grossed out by horribly-drawn little people fucking incessantly.

I mean... ok, the joke doesn't even make any sense. Unless you're having sex in the goddamned snow. Seriously, Ms. Dunning, if you had just thought to yourself "Hmm, this joke is kind of stupid, maybe I'll hold back on drawing myself having sex," we could all be spared this... I don't know.

I would gladly see more of this:

Cutesy dumb shit. See? That's fine. And this:

See, this is... oh, God, who am I kidding. I can never look at these little cartoon people the same way again. It's like walking in on your parents having sex.


In other news, Musings of the Girl Next Door will also be around next semester. Also, it's gone a little batshit insane.

Yeah, that's not one, but two comics about ugly Christmas sweater parties. In the same week. To repeat a tired phrase, one would probably be too many.

Karen, I believe in you. I know you'll get back on track next semester. I don't want to believe that you're running out of ideas. I can't accept that.

Well, those are the comics that I know - barring some unforseen circumstances - will be gracing our comics page for at least another glorious semester.

But now, with a heavy heart, it's time for us to say goodbye to the new...

This month: Stickcat, Stiw Kit, and Freshmen 15

Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen. The following three comics are officially kaput. Over. Done with. In the graveyard.

This is going to be rough.
So Stickcat is over with. I'm sure everybody on campus is cheering, eh?

Honestly, though, I would be lying if I said Stickcat was the worst comic in the paper. Hell, it's far from it. It's mediocre, sure. But it's hardly the worst. It's just been stuck at the very top of the comics page for at least two goddamned years, and it's never gone away.

But it's leaving now. Okay? Forever and ever. Hell, even Stickcat himself can't stand the comic anymore. Let's just move on and erase it from our memories forever.

So the writer/artist of Stiw Kit, Scott Daros, commented on our last DC Comics update, expressing some regret that he hadn't been included in any of our previous updates.

Well, Scott, let me set the record straight: I haven't posted Stiw Kit in this blog because I really, really enjoy it. It's remarkably well-drawn, charming, cute but not overly so, and is easily one of the best in the paper. Yeah, I've talked about Lucid TV and Poor Richard and other comics I've enjoyed in the past, but I very much regret not talking about Stiw Kit earlier. It's a fine piece of work and it's a shame that it's only been in the DC for one semester.

So to make it up to you, I'll plug your blog and be done with it.

Just as a bonus, here's one last slice of Stiw Kit loveliness before we get down to... you know, the ugly stuff. Enjoy it, folks, it'll be the last you'll be seeing in a while:

Well... okay. Let's get down to business.

I'm prepared.

Freshmen 15. Yes, it's leaving. But it's not leaving... without our souls.

So here's some standard Freshmen 15 for you, printed about a week ago. Like we expect, characters' heads are perpetually hugging the edge of the panels, as if they're peeking out from under something. We can probably attribute this to the artist's total lack of ability to draw... you know, people.

But for the last week, something unusual began to develop.

That's right. Full body shots.

But that's not that bad, right? I mean, it's not like it's gross or weird or anything. They're just full-body drawings of Freshmen 15's rat-haired protagonist. But... what could this be leading to?

Ohhh... ahhh... eeeeuhhh...

I... well, okay, come on now. It's not that bad. It's just... rat-haired girl's ass. Ughhmmmm.

Well, at least it's the last comic, right?

Err, wait, I guess it's not, there's one more he-

Uerrr. ah. AH.




...Heather Dunning, consider yourself forgiven.

-Sean Rose


Sean Rose's Pick: Best Non-Comic Text Printed in the Daily Campus, Fall '07

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mr. Coffee: A.I. by R.J. Fried and Jared Miller

A friend of mine, R.J. Fried, is a writer out in L.A. I know him through the comedy magazine Nutria, which he created and I wrote for. He and his writing partner/cousin Jared Miller started to make some videos, and this one ended up on Funnyo or Die. Hope you like it.

Check them out at

Monday, December 3, 2007

JUKEBOX THE GHOST, a break from your troubles!

We've come to that point in the semester where things are starting to get hairy. I myself have three papers due this week, and I know that's just the tip of the iceberg for some of you. Not to mention, finals start Monday, and God knows Christmas is getting closer. And the weather! jeez!

Why not take a break from all of this frizz-frazz? Lord knows every once in a while you need to listen to some catchy, groundbreaking music from a real up and coming band. Why not join Wilhelm Comedy on Thursday night (December 6th) for a performance by JUKEBOX THE GHOST at Hamden CT's The Space? What do you say? A half hour drive, ten bucks, a night of pop/rock/new music (described by many as Ben Folds meets They Might Be Giants meets Soulja Boy Tellem) sounds pretty good to me.

But you know what sounds better? The band. Take a listen on their Myspace page:

Take a look at these guys, they are, in my humble opinion, the face of change in the music world:

And hey, why don't you check out one of their live performances?

In all seriousness..I am a hard man to please when it comes to music. When I heard this band, it was like they tapped into all the greats and put something together I really haven't heard before. They're from DC, and they won't be up this way very often. I highly recommend a trip to see them.

Jukebox the Ghost: Officially Endorsed by Wilhelm.

...not that that means anything.

With love,
Stephen Winchell
(Who hopes you AT LEAST check out their songs. And who hopes you do go on Thursday. Because Jukebox the Ghost is pretty much the greatest thing out of DC since Slick Willy)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

If you WEREN'T at our second live performance EVER...

Here's a taste of what you missed:

*Steve Kress freezing time and causing mayhem...sometimes

*Emily Neumann, honorary girl, telling her three children that their school was blown up by terrorists...then her children cheered in celebration

*Stephen Winchell calling his buddy from a gameshow...just as his buddy's son was coming out

*Rich Piepho creating the perfect logo: the Nike swoosh with googly eyes

*Sean Rose once again donning those 80's Sunglasses, and once again jerking off a dead man

And, of course, the question that comes up is, why WEREN'T you at our second live performance ever? It was a blast and a half, with great shows from our co-bills HuskyImprov and Agents of Improv.

To those of you who did come, thank you very much for the support. We also love you.

And, as an added treat, here's a picture of Kurt Johnson, our logo, getting attacked by a bunch of other Kurt Johnson robots:

With Love!
Stephen Winchell, on behalf of those other guys in Wilhelm

Thursday, November 29, 2007

nockFORCE by nockFORCE

Both Sean and I frequent a website called SomethingAwful, and one of our fellow members is a guy who does a flash cartoon. Now, there are thousands of people who post on this site, and I went into these cartoons with a healthy does of skepticism. But I found them pretty much hilarious.

If you like the criminally underrated cartoon Home Movies, you'll like these. If you don't like Home Movies...well, they're only a minute each, so it's worth a look anyway.

I present to you, some choice selections from nockFORCE:

Episode 9: The Bay Bridge

Episode 7: Marriage Magazine

Episode 11: Rappin' Rollercoaster

There are 24 nockFORCE qucikies up on their youtube page...which is here: I'm sure I'll link a few more at some point in the near future. If you did enjoy, though, I encourage you to go check it out.

-Stephen Winchell

Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is a very quick promo for our upcoming UCTV show, patched together with clips from our first and second episode.

Enjoy, talk to your friends about it. Hell, why don't you blog about it yourself?

And, as always, keep an eye out for updates. Wilhelm's got a pretty busy few weeks, it looks like.

-Stephen Winchell

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chairs: A Thanksgiving Treat

We told ourselves we would wait to release any recorded material until after our UConnTV debut, but the HECK with it! It's time to have a little pre-thanksgiving treat.

So here it is: The Wilhelm internet debut with our first sketch EVER to hit vast precipice that is the internet

delicious sketch...nom nom nom nom nom


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Daily Campus Comics - October/November

Wow. I'm an asshole. I said in my last update that I'd start making my little survey of UConn's comics page a weekly thing. That was over a month ago - an even longer gap than last time! YIKES.

Well we might as well get the ball rolling again. Things have been going really well.

Musings is finally cutting the bullshit and asking the big questions. And it's not just limited to the random, invisible strangers this particular comic is targeted at. She's not stopping there.

Nope. She's going after her own friends. Who she sees every day. She's putting her own social life at risk, for the sake of art.

If anyone's wondering, this is what "cutting edge" is.

Yeah man, Hot Topic is so not cool anymore. Once it got all emo and goth and shit it just got lame. What a shame. I, for one, remember when kindly old Mr. Baker started what was known as "Ye Olde Hot-Topick Toffee Shoppe," where the children would laugh and play and were given free toffees because Mr. Baker was so old and kindly. Man, how times have changed.

Maybe you're all too young to remember this. But I'm glad someone else does. Hot Topic sure has changed.

Finally, a pot joke in the Daily Campus Comics Page! At long last!! We haven't had any good pot jokes since the heyday of Matt and Greg, a comic about two cool stoner dudes who smoked weed, hung out with pop culture icons like Oscar the Grouch and Link while smoking weed, and then smoked weed. Then they smoked weed. Those were the days.

Also I think the other kite should be saying, "I'm also as high as you, because I'm also a kite. We're both kites. I find nothing unusual about this situation."

Effed Up is finally taking a stand against a common enemy on UConn's campus: the infirmary. Fuck the infirmary, man! If you've got an injury just take care of that shit yourself. Like Christian Scientists.

"Ice it and keep off of it. How do you keep off of 'IT'?" Now there's some observational comedy worthy of Jerry Seinfeld. Really, what's the deal with "ice it and keep off of it"? What does that MEAN? I mean, there's no way that it could mean "put it on an ice pack and lay down for a while" or anything, right? I'm just totally clueless here. Doctors are so confusing!!

Also that doctor is lookin' snappy. Maybe they shouldn't trust him. Maybe he isn't a doctor. Maybe that's the joke.

Bill Watterson's back, ladies and gentlemen. Or he's been reincarnated in one William Wilson. I mean, let's be honest here... "William Wilson" just SCREAMS "fake name."

Welcome back to the fold, Mr. Watterson. How'd that whole "painting 100 works of art and burning them" thing work out?

So apparently being "original" means "wearing a scarf, communicating with exaggerated arm gestures, and being brunette."

Being original is also being cute, apparently.

Oh man, that is horrible. And he's holding the kid. Oh jeez.

I love this comic.

Hey this is kinda nice too. This is very nice.

I'm in a good mood.

Guess it's time for...


This month: Freshmen 15

So the characters in Freshmen 15 are gettin' laid, drunk dialin', hookin' up with hot dudes and lots of other super-slutty stuff that cool girls do at UConn. It's really cool and shit. Because it's what cool college kids do.

I just hope this new wave of trendiness doesn't spread to more cerebral, respected comics.


Promise I'll do this sooner next time. Have a good'un.

-Sean Rose

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ivan and Mr. Hoppy by Monkey Dust

Monkey Dust is a very dark British sketch comedy show, which ran from 2003 to 2005. It's animated, which is strange, as I've never seen an animated sketch program before.

Anyway, here is a montage of one of their reoccuring characters, Ivan Dobsky. These clips are a bit long (9 minutes each), but totally worth it. About time we put some British sensibility into this mundane American humor blog.

Ivan and Mr. Hoppy Montage 1

Ivan and Mr. Hoppy Montage 2

Comment if you love us
-Stephen Winchell

Friday, November 9, 2007

If you WERENT at our first live performance EVER...

here's a little taste of what you missed:

*Sean Rose miming the act of grabbing a deceased man's junk whilst wearing 80s style sunglasses

*Stephen Winchell as Sherlock Holmes getting his ass handed to himself by Dr. Watson in three rounds of Guess Who

*Rich Piepho's glorious cockneyed accent as he sought his father's killer

*Steve Kress, in a leopard print dress, blonde wig, and serious lipstick going to town on a wedge of chocolate cake to the tune of "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck

*Emily Neumann (our unofficial fifth member) carrying the child of a dressmaker's son, also displaying a glorious cockneyed accent

and furthermore, why WERENT you at our first live performance EVER? seriously...what the're not invited to our joint birthday party anymore

to those of you that DID come to our first live performance EVER : we thank you, and we love you

-kress, on behalf of those other guys in Wilhelm

Monday, November 5, 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Better Man : Time and Eric Awesome Show Remix

The following is a (very) brief clip from one of our first sketches to be completely filmed and edited.
the posting of this clip is inspired by two things. The first is as an homage to Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of "Time and Eric Awesome Show: Great Job" and the hilarious mindfuckery that is their editing. The second being that after a little bit of tooling around with the editing software, i figured out how to emulate their jittery bugout ways. enjoy

Better Man: The real version coming soon
-Big Steve

Grady Murphey: Toast Tosser

By Kumail Nanjiani and Robert Buscemi, arguably the two funniest comedians in Chicago right now, (although Kumail just moved to New York, which is great).


Monday, October 22, 2007

Larry David on Hannah Montana

I'll let the clip speak for itself

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Daily Campus Comics Curmudgeon - Part Deux

Man, it's been a while since my last review of UConn's campus comics, hasn't it? I should try to make this a weekly thing.

A lot has happened. Let me fill you in.

Based On A True Story has finally made the jump from a cutesy diary comic into a complete mind-fuck. What used to feature a girl complaining about how hard it is to talk to people on AIM and fantasize about Carmen Sandiego has become... well, this.

I don't know which one I prefer.

Yeah I just don't fucking get it.

Do attractive women commonly chill out with their bros in the forest?

More importantly, is it me, or are they having a shitting party? Because if they are that's just great.

I don't know if this was meant as some kind of super-ironic joke, but this comic was re-ran over and over again. For like a fucking month.

Also maybe it's just a stylistic thing, but that professor clearly has a bar code stamped on his face. This was a brilliant artistic choice.

If this comic were replaced with "The Adventures of Bar-Code Face" I would be very happy.

Honestly, if this were the last comic this "Frank" guy ever made, it would be the greatest comic ever. Man, just look at how happy that Stickcat lover is! Who on this earth would ever, in their right mind, love Stickcat that much? It is completely beyond reality, and yet there he is. Also note the Daily Campus that looks like a stone tablet, and the completely blatant erasure marks in the first panel. Man, Frank, you've got the world in your pocket. Don't ruin this masterful one-off by making any more.

Oh wait, you did and they weren't very funny. Oh well.

Now I would like to reveal to you a disturbing - but inevitable - recent trend: Daily Campus comics realizing that they are indeed terrible.

This is correct. You don't.

Chopsticks, you've been in this paper for a little over a month. Thank you for saving us the two-plus years it would have taken you to come to this conclusion.

The following comics, though, have not been as merciful.

Yeah haha you recognize that you do pot jokes, har har.

Again, like almost every DC comic, I keep thinking this one is a kind of post-modernist joke but I am consistently proven that it is not. It hurts my brain. And breaks my heart.

Finally, our brave hero Stickcat realizes that he has lost the good fight. Nobody cares about his boring, drawn-out escapades. Hell, the author had a whole hand-drawn story arc running a couple weeks back featuring Stickcat eating a giant sandwich. But no, Stickcat is and will forever be hated, and the fact that it remains at the top of the comics page doesn't help it any.

Having said that, this is probably the best Stickcat to come down the pike in a while; he walks in, he doesn't do anything stupid or annoying, and then he leaves. Thank you. If this ran every day for the rest of Stickcat's tenure at UConn, I would be a happy man.

Otherwise we'd just have this shit.

Well I find it hard to believe that this is the first time the author of Freshmen 15 heard someone talking shit about her comic. Then again, people talking shit about Freshmen 15 would require people to give a shit about Freshmen 15. So I guess it makes sense.


As for the second comic, it is completely 100% true except for that last panel. Nobody is chuckling.


Well, I guess it's time to me to name my Comic of the Week! But since it's been so long, I guess I'll have to make it my...


In my last entry, I featured a little comic called Musings of the Girl Next Door not once, but twice. This is because Musings, at first glance, baffled me.

But times have changed. Now I understand.

Life is hard. Life doesn't have any easy answers. Life doesn't have "punch-lines". Life is just what it is... life. =As it goes on, we repeat our daily routine, and not much happens. Most people understand this, but only true artists live this, with unbridled passion. Karen Farver is one of these people.

Sure, this comic could have taken the easy route. It could have kept on making all those "UConn, Great Pick!" jokes, all those pot smoking jokes, all those Ugg Boots jokes that I don't understand because I don't know what the fuck Ugg Boots even are. But no - Musings is brave enough to stop, think, and come to a reasonable conclusion. Man, isn't it rough when you forget to read a book for class? Yes, Karen. Yes it is.

What can we hope to gain? What can we hope to achieve? Nothing but resentment, the drudgery of common life, fleeting and ultimately pointless feelings of joy. One day, your fridge is packed; the next day, it is bare. Overnight, our innocence is robbed, and we are blind to it until it's too late.

Not even the solace of sleep can solve our problems. What was once an ancillary, barren comic is now one of the most unforgiving portraits of human life ever to grace the DC comics page.

Karen Farver, I will probably never meet you, but if you are reading this, know that you now have my heart and soul in your hands. Please be gentle.

- Sean Rose