Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Better Man : Time and Eric Awesome Show Remix

The following is a (very) brief clip from one of our first sketches to be completely filmed and edited.
the posting of this clip is inspired by two things. The first is as an homage to Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of "Time and Eric Awesome Show: Great Job" and the hilarious mindfuckery that is their editing. The second being that after a little bit of tooling around with the editing software, i figured out how to emulate their jittery bugout ways. enjoy

Better Man: The real version coming soon
-Big Steve

Grady Murphey: Toast Tosser

By Kumail Nanjiani and Robert Buscemi, arguably the two funniest comedians in Chicago right now, (although Kumail just moved to New York, which is great).


Monday, October 22, 2007

Larry David on Hannah Montana

I'll let the clip speak for itself

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Daily Campus Comics Curmudgeon - Part Deux

Man, it's been a while since my last review of UConn's campus comics, hasn't it? I should try to make this a weekly thing.

A lot has happened. Let me fill you in.

Based On A True Story has finally made the jump from a cutesy diary comic into a complete mind-fuck. What used to feature a girl complaining about how hard it is to talk to people on AIM and fantasize about Carmen Sandiego has become... well, this.

I don't know which one I prefer.

Yeah I just don't fucking get it.

Do attractive women commonly chill out with their bros in the forest?

More importantly, is it me, or are they having a shitting party? Because if they are that's just great.

I don't know if this was meant as some kind of super-ironic joke, but this comic was re-ran over and over again. For like a fucking month.

Also maybe it's just a stylistic thing, but that professor clearly has a bar code stamped on his face. This was a brilliant artistic choice.

If this comic were replaced with "The Adventures of Bar-Code Face" I would be very happy.

Honestly, if this were the last comic this "Frank" guy ever made, it would be the greatest comic ever. Man, just look at how happy that Stickcat lover is! Who on this earth would ever, in their right mind, love Stickcat that much? It is completely beyond reality, and yet there he is. Also note the Daily Campus that looks like a stone tablet, and the completely blatant erasure marks in the first panel. Man, Frank, you've got the world in your pocket. Don't ruin this masterful one-off by making any more.

Oh wait, you did and they weren't very funny. Oh well.

Now I would like to reveal to you a disturbing - but inevitable - recent trend: Daily Campus comics realizing that they are indeed terrible.

This is correct. You don't.

Chopsticks, you've been in this paper for a little over a month. Thank you for saving us the two-plus years it would have taken you to come to this conclusion.

The following comics, though, have not been as merciful.

Yeah haha you recognize that you do pot jokes, har har.

Again, like almost every DC comic, I keep thinking this one is a kind of post-modernist joke but I am consistently proven that it is not. It hurts my brain. And breaks my heart.

Finally, our brave hero Stickcat realizes that he has lost the good fight. Nobody cares about his boring, drawn-out escapades. Hell, the author had a whole hand-drawn story arc running a couple weeks back featuring Stickcat eating a giant sandwich. But no, Stickcat is and will forever be hated, and the fact that it remains at the top of the comics page doesn't help it any.

Having said that, this is probably the best Stickcat to come down the pike in a while; he walks in, he doesn't do anything stupid or annoying, and then he leaves. Thank you. If this ran every day for the rest of Stickcat's tenure at UConn, I would be a happy man.

Otherwise we'd just have this shit.

Well I find it hard to believe that this is the first time the author of Freshmen 15 heard someone talking shit about her comic. Then again, people talking shit about Freshmen 15 would require people to give a shit about Freshmen 15. So I guess it makes sense.


As for the second comic, it is completely 100% true except for that last panel. Nobody is chuckling.


Well, I guess it's time to me to name my Comic of the Week! But since it's been so long, I guess I'll have to make it my...


In my last entry, I featured a little comic called Musings of the Girl Next Door not once, but twice. This is because Musings, at first glance, baffled me.

But times have changed. Now I understand.

Life is hard. Life doesn't have any easy answers. Life doesn't have "punch-lines". Life is just what it is... life. =As it goes on, we repeat our daily routine, and not much happens. Most people understand this, but only true artists live this, with unbridled passion. Karen Farver is one of these people.

Sure, this comic could have taken the easy route. It could have kept on making all those "UConn, Great Pick!" jokes, all those pot smoking jokes, all those Ugg Boots jokes that I don't understand because I don't know what the fuck Ugg Boots even are. But no - Musings is brave enough to stop, think, and come to a reasonable conclusion. Man, isn't it rough when you forget to read a book for class? Yes, Karen. Yes it is.

What can we hope to gain? What can we hope to achieve? Nothing but resentment, the drudgery of common life, fleeting and ultimately pointless feelings of joy. One day, your fridge is packed; the next day, it is bare. Overnight, our innocence is robbed, and we are blind to it until it's too late.

Not even the solace of sleep can solve our problems. What was once an ancillary, barren comic is now one of the most unforgiving portraits of human life ever to grace the DC comics page.

Karen Farver, I will probably never meet you, but if you are reading this, know that you now have my heart and soul in your hands. Please be gentle.

- Sean Rose

Friday, October 5, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007


this guy friended me on youtube a few months ago, but i didnt get around to checking out his stuff until the other day

-big steve